EXCERPT from  the CHARTER of



A.   ASAB is created with an aim to:

1.     Develop sport for blind people on the territory of Armenia

2.     Provide for equal opportunities for vision impaired people in realizing their rights and privileges

3.     Support the state efforts to rehabilitate vision impaired people through physical culture and sport

4.     Participate – within limits of its competencies - in elaboration of state policies for people with disabilities based on the worldwide accepted principles which are formulated in the UN Standard Rules of Providing Equal Opportunities to People with Disabilities (section related to physical culture, sport and rehabilitation);

5.     Develop sport for visually impaired people as a means for social adaptation, rehabilitation and integration into general society;

6.     Protect rights and interests of sportsmen with visual impairments, get people with visual impairments connected to physical culture and sport, advocate for their healthy life style and active citizenship;

7.     Take measures to maintain and develop already existing traditions of sporting among people with disabilities, strengthen it and build up its prestige, including on the international level as well;

8.      Participate in creating rational and scientifically sound systems of training of national teams of blind sportsmen in various sports, get them participate in international competitions, including Paralympic games and World Championships.

9.     Strengthen positions and increase prestige of Armenian sport of disabled people at the international level.


B.    Main objectives of ASAB are the following:

1.     Realization of a unified public policy in the field of physical culture and sport for strengthening health of people of Republic of Armenia, nurturing culture of physical fitness and harmonic development of individuals through sporting activities.   

2.     Making blind people of Armenia involved in physical exercises and sporting activities, agitating for healthy life style and useful forms of leisure, getting visually impaired persons into Association, revealing promising and gifted persons and having them registered for participation in various contests, growing in them a sense of healthy competition and strife for attaining high results.

3.     Identifying all available and promising sportsmen and getting them trained for national teams of blind persons.

4.     Supporting the youngsters’ sport among children with visual impairments, including educational institutions, creating a network of extra-school units of adaptive physical exercises. 

5.     Participation in establishing and further development of sport clubs for visually impaired persons.

6.     Participation – within limits of its competence – in joint activities with Armenian Association of Blinds (AAB) in realization of objectives set forth in the charter of organizations, coordination of activities of divisions of AAB and ASAB;   

7.     Development and further strengthening of regional and international connections/relationships;

8.     Support to development of independence of divisions of Association

9.     Coordination of activities of divisions of Association related to development of sport for blind persons of Armenia

10. Promotion of principles of “fair competition” and combating any forms of using doping in sport.

11. Development of logistics basis for sport of blind persons, and favorable politics of investments in this sphere

12. Elaboration and implementation of social programs directed towards development of sport among blind persons, of social security, rights and interests of disabled-sportsmen, coaches, para-sporting specialists and veteran blind sportsmen.

13. Organization and conducting republican and international competitions among blind sportsmen on the territory of Armenia

14. Coaching national teams of blind persons of Armenia for participating in official international competitions in line with preliminarily prepared and agreed schedules.

15. Assistance in logistical support to members of Association, development of a market of sporting goods and services for blinds, participation in construction and improvement of sport bases

16. Participation in organization and financing of scientific, research, and experimental designing works aiming at improvement of methodology of training of blind sportsmen and development of new types of sport inventory and equipment for them.

17. Organization and conducting of works towards improving quality of coaches, arbitrators and other para-sporting specialists for blinds.

18. Establishment and strengthening of connections with international sport organizations and associations

19. Preparation and implementation of marketing, informational, advertising and promotional actions to support development of sport for blind persons.